•San Gabriel Valley                            
•Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties  

•Big Bear Lake, Lake Arrowhead and Lake Gregory                                     

Rates & Services

Your Session Includes:


•One photography session at your listed property


•Sufficient time to achieve proper lighting and composition to

    showcase the best for your listing; which in turn will

    augment your sales and marketing efforts


•Professional-grade photography equipment and techniques that

     result in superior images


•Meticulous advanced photo editing using state-of-the-art software


•High-resolution MLS-formatted JPEG files delivered electronically

     within 24  hours

Bright View Photography : Beverly and Jim Morten

phone: Beverly (626)227-5714 and Jim (626)782-1360

Photo Pricing

Standard Session
   $135 for 15 images


Additional Pictures

$10.00 an image
Standard Session

Add Ons


 Twilight Session
  $100 for 3 images


 Custom Packages Available


Photoshop Services

Add Fire to Fire Places

Add Attractive Skies

Remove Real Estate Posts

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